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Fast-track revision published on 30 June 2008

Global description:

Added 16 new references and latest observations.

Changes in detail:

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Update Icon Added “and possible black holes”.
Update Icon Removed “this review article on relativistic binaries in globular clusters”.
Update Icon Added explicit references to sections.
Update Icon Removed “in a process known as mass segregation”
Update Icon Added paragraph and references to Sollima (2008) and Leigh (2007).
Update Icon Added sentence and references to Richer (2008) and Strickler (2007).
Update Icon Added reference to Dieball (2007).
Update Icon Added last two sentences and references to Ivanova (2008) and Freire (2008).
Update Icon Added ω Centauri and reference to Noyola (2008).
Update Icon Added two sentences and references to Bash (2008) to reflect latest observations of black holes.
Update Icon Added sentence and reference to McLaughlin (2006).
Update Icon Added new observations in M54, NGC 288, M30, and NGC 2808. New references to Ramsay (2006), Kong (2006), Lugger (2007), and Servillat (2008).
Update Icon Changed reference of table from Camilo and Rasio (2006) to Freire.
Update Icon Added new entries to reflect current observations. Deleted references column and directed reader to online catalog for updated references.
Update Icon Added last sentence and reference to Willems (2007).