2.12 Going further

Two books, Pulsar Astronomy [244] and Handbook of Pulsar Astronomy [229Jump To The Next Citation Point], cover the literature and techniques and provide excellent further reading. The morphological properties of pulsars have recently been comprehensively discussed in recent reviews [334327]. Those seeking a more theoretical viewpoint are advised to read The Theory of Neutron Star Magnetospheres [262Jump To The Next Citation Point] and The Physics of the Pulsar Magnetosphere [36]. Our summary of evolutionary aspects serves merely as a primer to the vast body of literature available. Further insights can be found from more detailed reviews [38289Jump To The Next Citation Point339Jump To The Next Citation Point].

Pulsar resources available on the Internet are continually becoming more extensive and useful. A good starting point for pulsar-surfers is the Handbook of Pulsar Astronomy website [230], as well as the Pulsar Astronomy wiki [297] and the Cool Pulsars site [80].

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