2 Quasi-Equilibrium States

In this section, we first review formulations to construct BH-NS binaries in quasi-equilibrium, and then the representative numerical results derived so far.

 2.1 Formulation
  2.1.1 Formulation in the excision approach
  2.1.2 Formulation in the puncture approach
  2.1.3 Hydrostatic equations
  2.1.4 Orbital angular velocity
  2.1.5 Center of mass of a binary system
  2.1.6 Equations of state
  2.1.7 Physical quantities
  2.1.8 A mass-shedding indicator
 2.2 Current parameter space surveyed
 2.3 Numerical results
  2.3.1 Binding energy and total angular momentum
 2.4 Endpoint of sequences
  2.4.1 Mass-shedding limit
  2.4.2 Innermost stable circular orbit
  2.4.3 Critical mass ratio
 2.5 Summary: quasi-equilibrium states

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