List of Tables

Table 1:
Summary for the study of quasi-equilibrium sequences.
Table 2:
Quasi-equilibrium study groups by which the initial data of each simulation group is supplied.
Table 3:
Summary of the initial data used in simulations performed so far. Note that LBPLI’s data includes magnetic fields.
Table 4:
The parameters and key ingredients for a piecewise polytropic EOS employed in [107]. Γ 2 is the adiabatic index in the core region and p is the pressure at the fiducial density 14.7 3 ρfidu = 10 gāˆ•cm, which determines the polytropic constant κ2 of the core region and ρ1: the critical rest-mass density separating the crust and core regions. Mmax is the maximum mass of a spherical NS for a given EOS. R135 and š’ž135 are the circumferential radius and the compactness of the NS with MNS = 1.35M āŠ™.