Part I
General Theory of Bitensors

3 Synge’s world function
 3.1 Definition
 3.2 Differentiation of the world function
 3.3 Evaluation of first derivatives
 3.4 Congruence of geodesics emanating from x′
4 Coincidence limits
 4.1 Computation of coincidence limits
 4.2 Derivation of Synge’s rule
5 Parallel propagator
 5.1 Tetrad on β
 5.2 Definition and properties of the parallel propagator
 5.3 Coincidence limits
6 Expansion of bitensors near coincidence
 6.1 General method
 6.2 Special cases
 6.3 Expansion of tensors
7 van Vleck determinant
 7.1 Definition and properties
 7.2 Derivations

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