5.5 Python

Python is located at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station in Antartica. It consists of a single bolometer on a 75 cm telescope, operating at a frequency of 90 GHz with a 0.75° FWHM beam. Three seasons of observations have already been analysed (Python I [27], Python II [78] and Python III [70]). The Python results can be separated into two distinct bins in ℓ space (one centred at ℓ ∼ 87 and the other at ℓ ∼ 170). The results for these two bins are +15 δT = 60−13 μK and +17 66− 16 μK respectively. Python IV and V data have already been taken and the analysis should be published very shortly. Details of the IVth season can be found in Kovac et al. (1997) [47].
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