Living Reviews in Relativity

"Speeds of Propagation in Classical and Relativistic Extended Thermodynamics"
Ingo Müller  

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1 Introduction
2 Scope and Structure, Characteristic Speeds
2.1 Thermodynamic processes
2.2 Elements of the constitutive theory
2.3 Exploitation of the entropy inequality, Lagrange multipliers
2.4 Characteristic speeds
3 Finite Speeds in Non-Relativistic Extended Thermodynamics
3.1 Concavity of the entropy density
3.2 Symmetric hyperbolicity
3.3 Moments as variables
3.4 Specific form of the phase density
3.5 Pulse speeds in a non-degenerate gas in equilibrium
3.6 A lower bound for the pulse speed of a non-degenerate gas
4 Finite Speeds in Relativistic Extended Thermodynamics
4.1 Concavity of a privileged entropy density
4.2 Symmetric hyperbolicity
4.3 Moments as four-fluxes and the vector potential
4.4 Upper and lower bounds for the pulse speed
5 Relativistic Thermodynamics of Gases. 14-Field Theory
5.1 Thermodynamic processes in viscous, heat-conducting gases
5.2 Constitutive theory
5.3 Results of the constitutive theory
5.4 The laws of Navier–Stokes and Fourier
5.5 Specific results for a non-degenerate relativistic gas
5.6 Characteristic speeds in a viscous, heat-conducting gas
5.7 Discussion
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