List of Footnotes

1 It is true that Maxwell [33, 34] had an equation of transfer for the heat flux with a rate term just as postulated by Cattaneo 80 years later; such an equation arises naturally in the kinetic theory of gases. However, on both occasions Maxwell summarily dismisses the term as being small and uninteresting. He was interested in deriving the proportionality of heat flux and temperature gradient, Fourier’s law. It is uncertain whether Maxwell was aware of the paradox. But, if he was, he did not care about it, at least not in the papers cited. It is conceivable that Maxwell, a prolific writer of letters as well as of papers, may have mentioned the paradox elsewhere. If so, the author of this review should like to learn about it.
2 Throughout this work we stick to Lorentz frames, so that the metric tensor g has only diagonal components with g = 1,g = g = g = − 1. 00 11 22 33
3 If the reader does not recall this theorem, he is advised to recapitulate the part of linear algebra that deals with the simultaneous diagonalization of two symmetric matrices.
4 The subtle differences between the non-relativistic moments (26View Equation) and the relativistic moments (67View Equation) may be studied in papers on the relativistic kinetic theory, e.g. Lichnerowicz & Marrot [29], Chernikov [10, 11, 12] and Marle [32] also in the book by de Groot, van Leeuven & van Weert [13].