Living Reviews in Relativity

"Quasi-Normal Modes of Stars and Black Holes"
Kostas D. Kokkotas and Bernd G. Schmidt  

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1 Introduction
2 Normal Modes – Quasi-Normal Modes – Resonances
3 Quasi-Normal Modes of Black Holes
3.1 Schwarzschild black holes
3.2 Kerr black holes
3.3 Stability and completeness of quasi-normal modes
4 Quasi-Normal Modes of Relativistic Stars
4.1 Stellar pulsations: The theoretical minimum
4.2 Mode analysis
4.3 Stability
5 Excitation and Detection of QNMs
5.1 Studies of black hole QNM excitation
5.2 Studies of stellar QNM excitation
5.3 Detection of the QNM ringing
5.4 Parameter estimation
6 Numerical Techniques
6.1 Black holes
6.2 Relativistic stars
7 Where Are We Going?
7.1 Synergism between perturbation theory and numerical relativity
7.2 Second order perturbations
7.3 Mode calculations
7.4 The detectors
8 Acknowledgments
A Appendix: Schrödinger Equation Versus Wave Equation
Open References References