List of Tables

Table 1:
The first four QNM frequencies (ωM) of the Schwarzschild black hole for ℓ = 2, 3, and 4 [135]. The frequencies are given in geometrical units and for conversion into kHz one should multiply by 2π(5142 Hz ) × (M ⊙ ∕M ).
Table 2:
Typical values of the frequencies and the damping times of various families of modes for a polytropic star (N = 1) with R = 8.86 km and M = 1.27 M ⊙ are given. p 1 is the first p-mode, g1 is the first g-mode [87], w1 stands for the first curvature mode and wII for the slowest damped interface mode. For this stellar model there are no trapped modes.