Living Reviews in Relativity

"Gravitational Wave Detection by Interferometry
(Ground and Space)"
Sheila Rowan and Jim Hough  

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1 Introduction
2 Gravitational Waves
3 Detection of Gravitational Waves
3.1 Initial detectors and their development
3.2 Long baseline detectors on Earth
4 Main Noise Sources
4.1 Seismic noise
4.2 Thermal noise
4.3 Photoelectron shot noise
5 Laser Interferometric Techniques for Gravitational Wave Detectors
5.1 Power recycling
5.2 Signal recycling
5.3 Fluctuations in radiation pressure
5.4 Application of these techniques
6 Long Baseline Detectors Under Construction
7 Longer Baseline Detectors in Space
8 Conclusion
9 Acknowledgements
Open References References