3 Relativistic Cosmology

This section is organized to track the chronological events in the history of the early or relativistic Universe, focusing mainly on four defining moments: (i) the Big Bang singularity and the dynamics of the very early Universe, (ii) inflation and its generic nature, (iii) QCD phase transitions, and (iv) primordial nucleosynthesis and the freeze-out of the light elements. The late or post-recombination epoch is reserved to a separate Section 4.

 3.1 Singularities
  3.1.1 Mixmaster dynamics
  3.1.2 AVTD vs. BLK oscillatory behavior
 3.2 Inflation
  3.2.1 Plane symmetry
  3.2.2 Spherical symmetry
  3.2.3 Bianchi V
  3.2.4 Gravitational waves + cosmological constant
  3.2.5 3D inhomogeneous spacetimes
 3.3 Chaotic scalar field dynamics
 3.4 Quark-hadron phase transition
 3.5 Nucleosynthesis
 3.6 Cosmological gravitational waves
  3.6.1 Planar symmetry
  3.6.2 Multi-dimensional vacuum cosmologies

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