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Fast-track revision published on 14 April 2005

Global description:

Fast-track revision to include recent developments. 37 new references have been added. Besides changes listed in detail, grammatical changes have been scattered throughout the article.

Changes in detail:

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Update Extended discussion to include a more complete chronology.
Update Figure 1View Image added.
Update Added a couple paragraphs to stress the dubious extension of the standard model to the early universe, added references for the classification of anisotropic cosmologies.
Update Added references on early numerical simulations.
Update Added references on BLK oscillations.
Update Extended subsection to add several more references, and to discuss a recent paper on the stability of the phase fronts.
Update Paragraphs added.
Update Figures 5View Image, 6View Image, 7View Image added.
Update Restructured section by inserting new subsubsection, moved subsubsection on Regge calculus model to appendix.
Update Subsubsection added, new references included.
Update Completely rewrote and reorganized section, added new references and a more detailed discussion on various anisotropy contributions.
Update New subsubsection added.
Update New subsubsection added.
Update Added paragraph.
Update Added paragraph which discusses relatively new references on model comparisons.
Update Slightly modified summary section
Update Slightly modified paragraph, reference added.
Update Added paragraphs, expanded discussion to include mention of a new paper which uses NOCD methods for modeling ideal gases, and which compares artificial viscosity with conserving numerical methods.
Update New section added to include the stress tensor for nonideal fluids with shear stress.
Update Reorganized section by adding new subsubsection, added example of a typical chemical network useful for primordial cosmology.
Update Reorganized section by adding new subsubsection, added reference.