List of Footnotes

1 If the black hole is rotating, the the spectrum seen by an observer at infinity corresponds to what would emerge from a “rotating black body”.
2 The state in which none of the modes in the region exterior to the black hole are populated is usually referred to as the “Boulware vacuum”. The Boulware vacuum is singular on both the black hole and white hole horizons.
3 It is worth noting that if the buoyancy effects of the thermal atmosphere were negligible, the bound (16View Equation) also would not be sufficient to ensure the validity of the GSL for non-spherical bodies: The bound (16View Equation) is formulated in terms of the “circumscribing radius”, i.e., the largest linear dimension, whereas if buoyancy effects were negligible, then to enforce the GSL one would need a bound of the form (16View Equation) with R being the smallest linear dimension.