Living Reviews in Relativity

"Experimental Searches for Dark Matter"
Timothy J. Sumner  

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1 Introduction
2 The Evidence
2.1 Probes of gravitational wells
2.2 Toward a standard cosmological model?
2.3 Discrepancies within the standard cosmological model
3 The Dark Matter Candidates
3.1 Baryonic dark matter
3.2 Non-baryonic dark matter
3.3 Dark matter in the Milky Way
4 Non-Baryonic Dark Matter Detection
4.1 Indirect search techniques
4.2 Direct search techniques
5 Neutralino Detection Principles and Techniques
5.1 Expected scattering rates
5.2 Expected energy deposit
5.3 WIMP signatures
5.4 Neutralino direct detection techniques
6 Neutralino Project Overview and Limits
7 Future Promises and Prospects
Open References References