6 Gravity Loop Amplitudes from Gauge Theory

The unitarity method provides a natural means for applying the KLT formula to obtain loop amplitudes in quantum gravity, since the only required inputs are tree-level amplitudes valid for D-dimensions; this is precisely what the KLT relations provide.

Although Einstein gravity is almost certainly not a fundamental theory, there is no difficulty in using it as an effective field theory [140645185101], in order to calculate quantum loop corrections. The particular examples discussed in this section are completely finite and therefore do not depend on a cutoff or on unknown coefficients of higher curvature terms in the low energy effective action. They are therefore a definite low energy prediction of any fundamental theory of gravity whose low energy limit is Einstein gravity. (Although they are definite predictions, there is, of course, no practical means to experimentally verify them.) The issue of divergences is deferred to Section 7.

 6.1 One-loop four-point example
 6.2 Arbitrary numbers of legs at one loop

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