2 The Equilibrium Structure of Rotating Relativistic Stars

 2.1 Assumptions
 2.2 Geometry of spacetime
 2.3 The rotating fluid
 2.4 Equations of structure
 2.5 Rotation law and equilibrium quantities
 2.6 Equations of state
  2.6.1 Relativistic polytropes
  2.6.2 Hadronic equations of state
  2.6.3 Strange quark equations of state
 2.7 Numerical schemes
  2.7.1 Hartle
  2.7.2 Butterworth and Ipser (BI)
  2.7.3 Komatsu, Eriguchi, and Hachisu (KEH)
  2.7.4 Bonazzola et al. (BGSM)
  2.7.5 Lorene/rotstar
  2.7.6 Ansorg et al. (AKM)
  2.7.7 The virial identities
  2.7.8 Direct comparison of numerical codes
 2.8 Analytic approximations to the exterior spacetime
 2.9 Properties of equilibrium models
  2.9.1 Bulk properties of equilibrium models
  2.9.2 Mass-shedding limit and the empirical formula
  2.9.3 Upper limits on mass and rotation: Theory vs. observation
  2.9.4 The upper limit on mass and rotation set by causality
  2.9.5 Supramassive stars and spin-up prior to collapse
  2.9.6 Rotating magnetized neutron stars
  2.9.7 Rapidly rotating proto-neutron stars
  2.9.8 Rotating strange quark stars
 2.10 Rotating relativistic stars in LMXBs
  2.10.1 Particle orbits and kHz quasi-periodic oscillations
  2.10.2 Angular momentum conservation during burst oscillations

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