Living Reviews in Relativity

"Rotating Stars in Relativity"
Nikolaos Stergioulas  

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1 Introduction
2 The Equilibrium Structure of Rotating Relativistic Stars
2.1 Assumptions
2.2 Geometry of spacetime
2.3 The rotating fluid
2.4 Equations of structure
2.5 Rotation law and equilibrium quantities
2.6 Equations of state
2.7 Numerical schemes
2.8 Analytic approximations to the exterior spacetime
2.9 Properties of equilibrium models
2.10 Rotating relativistic stars in LMXBs
3 Oscillations and Stability
3.1 Quasi-normal modes of oscillation
3.2 Effect of rotation on quasi-normal modes
3.3 Axisymmetric perturbations
3.4 Nonaxisymmetric perturbations
3.5 Nonaxisymmetric instabilities
4 Rotating Stars in Numerical Relativity
4.1 Numerical evolution of equilibrium models
4.2 Pulsations of rotating stars
4.3 Rotating core collapse
5 Acknowledgments
Open References References