Living Reviews in Relativity

"Testing General Relativity with Pulsar Timing"
Ingrid H. Stairs  

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1 Introduction
2 Pulsars, Observations, and Timing
2.1 Pulsar properties
2.2 Pulsar observations
2.3 Pulsar timing
3 Tests of GR – Equivalence Principle Violations
3.1 Strong Equivalence Principle: Nordtvedt effect
3.2 Preferred-frame effects and non-conservation of momentum
3.3 Strong Equivalence Principle: Dipolar gravitational radiation
3.4 Preferred-location effects: Variation of Newton’s constant
4 Tests of GR – Strong-Field Gravity
4.1 Post-Keplerian timing parameters
4.2 The original system: PSR B1913+16
4.3 PSR B1534+12 and other binary pulsars
4.4 Combined binary-pulsar tests
4.5 Independent geometrical information: PSR J0437–4715
4.6 Spin-orbit coupling and geodetic precession
5 Conclusions and Future Prospects
6 Acknowledgements
Open References References