Change Log

Fast-track revision published on 14 September 2010

Global description:

The main changes are new Sections 4.6, 5.3, 5.8, and 5.9, which show the progress since 2003. Added 46 new references.

Changes in detail:

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Update Updated progress in detectors. Dropped reference to resonant bars.
Update Extended paragraph on the Futamase–Schutz method.
Update Added five more references for the BDI approach above. Added four paragraphs on the derivation of the 3PN equations of motion below.
Update Added reference to Fujita and Iyer.
Update Added paragraph on the rate of change of the Carter constant below.
Update Changed original L and J to ˆ L and ˆ J.
Update Changed definition accordingly.
Update Added √1-- 2π to the right-hand side.
Update Definitions of E, C, lz are changed; new variables ˆℰ, ˆC, and ˆlz are introduced. The footnote in the older version is moved to the main text. All of these variables in the text are changed. In the new version, ℰ and lz represent the energy and angular momentum of the particle. On the other hand, E and Jz represent the energy and angular momentum radiated to infinity or horizon.
Update Simplifed last line from the original λ = 1 + (H (ℓ + 1) − H (ℓ) − 1) 2.
Update Corrected errors in the phase of the asymptotic amplitudes.
Update Added new Subsection 4.6.
Update Added missing negative sign to last term.
Update Added new Subsection 5.3.
Update Corrected last term from the original ( 2399- 773 ) 5 − 56 q − 3 π x.
Update Corrected last term from the original ( ) − 101481134449 + 17161q2 − 2483q − 7865π x5.
Update Simplified notation from the original C y = Q2, Q2 = l2z + a2(1 − E2). See note on revision above.
Update Added new Subsection 5.8.
Update Added new Subsection 5.9.