6 Recent Results from 2dF and SDSS

 6.1 The latest galaxy redshift surveys
  6.1.1 The 2dF galaxy redshift survey
  6.1.2 The SDSS galaxy redshift survey
  6.1.3 The 6dF galaxy redshift survey
  6.1.4 The DEEP galaxy redshift survey
  6.1.5 The VIRMOS galaxy redshift survey
 6.2 Cosmological parameters from 2dFGRS
  6.2.1 The power spectrum of 2dF Galaxies on large scales
  6.2.2 An upper limit on neutrino masses
  6.2.3 Combining 2dFGRS and CMB
  6.2.4 Redshift-space distortion
  6.2.5 The bi-spectrum and higher moments
 6.3 Luminosity and spectral-type dependence of galaxy clustering
  6.3.1 2dFGRS: Clustering per luminosity and spectral type
  6.3.2 SDSS: Two-point correlation functions per luminosity and color
  6.3.3 SDSS: Three-point correlation functions and the nonlinear biasing of galaxies per luminosity and color
 6.4 Topology of the Universe: Analysis of SDSS galaxies in terms of Minkowski functionals
 6.5 Other statistical measures

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