Living Reviews in Relativity

"Gravitational-Wave Data Analysis.
Formalism and Sample Applications: The Gaussian Case"
Piotr Jaranowski and Andrzej Królak  

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1 Introduction
2 Response of a Detector to a Gravitational Wave
3 Statistical Theory of Signal Detection
3.1 Bayesian approach
3.2 Minimax approach
3.3 Neyman–Pearson approach
3.4 Likelihood ratio test
4 Parameter Estimation
4.1 Bayesian estimation
4.2 Maximum a posteriori probability estimation
4.3 Maximum likelihood estimation
4.4 Fisher information
4.5 False alarm and detection probabilities – Gaussian case
4.6 Number of templates
4.7 Suboptimal filtering
4.8 Algorithms to calculate the ℱ-statistic
4.9 Upper limits
4.10 Network of detectors
4.11 Non-stationary, non-Gaussian, and non-linear data
5 Acknowledgments
Open References References