Change Log

Fast-track revision published on 26 July 2007

Global description:

Section 2 and 4.4.1 have been extended, some notations were changed and Figure 1 was updated. Equations (28) and (36) have been corrected. 15 references were added.

Changes in detail:

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Update Icon Section 2 was shortly extended to describe more general responses of detectors to gravitational waves. For this some notations were changed and Figure 1View Image updated.
Update Icon Figure 1View Image has been updated.
Update Icon Equation (28View Equation) has been corrected (replaced ˆ θ (x ) by θ on right hand side).
Update Icon Equation (36View Equation) has been corrected (replaced ln by log).
Update Icon Section 4.4.1 was extended by adding a brief discussion of the results of usage of the Fisher matrix for estimating the parameter errors of the gravitational-wave signals. Added references to [3876123046899747] and [21].
Update Icon Reference to [95] has been added.
Update Icon References to [33] and [79] have been added.
Update Icon References to [78] and [53Jump To The Next Citation Point] have been added and briefly described.