Living Reviews in Relativity

"Time-Delay Interferometry"
Massimo Tinto and Sanjeev V. Dhurandhar  

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1 Introduction
2 Physical and Historical Motivations of TDI
3 Time-Delay Interferometry
4 Algebraic Approach to Cancelling Laser and Optical Bench Noises
4.1 Cancellation of laser phase noise
4.2 Cancellation of laser phase noise in the unequal-arm interferometer
4.3 The module of syzygies
4.4 Gröbner basis
4.5 Generating set for the module of syzygies
4.6 Canceling optical bench motion noise
4.7 Physical interpretation of the TDI combinations
5 Time-Delay Interferometry with Moving Spacecraft
5.1 The unequal-arm Michelson
5.2 The Sagnac combinations
6 Optimal LISA Sensitivity
6.1 General application
6.2 Optimization of SNR for binaries with known direction but with unknown orientation of the orbital plane
7 Concluding Remarks
8 Acknowledgement
A Generators of the Module of Syzygies
B Conversion between Generating Sets
Open References References