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Elements involved in threshold constraints.
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Total outgoing particle energy in symmetric and asymmetric configurations.
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An example of an upper and lower threshold. R is the region spanned by all Xk and E1(p1) is the energy of the incoming particle. Where E1(p1) enters and leaves R are lower and upper thresholds, respectively.
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Constraints on LV in QED at n = 3 on a log-log plot. For negative parameters minus the logarithm of the absolute value is plotted, and region of width -10 10 is excised around each axis. The constraints in solid lines apply to q and both j±, and are symmetric about both the q and the j axis. At least one of the two pairs (j± ,q) must lie within the union of the dashed bell-shaped region and its reflection about the q axis. Intersecting lines are truncated where they cross.