Binary and Millisecond Pulsars

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Duncan R. Lorimer
University of Manchester
Jodrell Bank Observatory
Cheshire, SK11 9DL, U.K.

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This article has been revised on 29 Nov 2005 (see changes in detail).


We review the main properties, demographics and applications of binary and millisecond radio pulsars. Our knowledge of these exciting objects has greatly increased in recent years, mainly due to successful surveys which have brought the known pulsar population to over 1700. There are now 80 binary and millisecond pulsars associated with the disk of our Galaxy, and a further 103 pulsars in 24 of the Galactic globular clusters. Recent highlights have been the discovery of the first ever double pulsar system and a recent flurry of discoveries in globular clusters, in particular Terzan 5.

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