Living Reviews in Relativity

"Massive Black Hole Binary Evolution"
David Merritt and Miloš Milosavljević  

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1 Introduction
2 Preliminaries
3 Observations of Binary Supermassive Black Holes
3.1 External galaxies
3.2 Limits on the binarity of the Milky Way Black Hole
4 Interaction of Binary Black Holes with Stars
4.1 Dynamics of a massive binary in a fixed stellar background
4.2 Evolution in an evolving background
4.3 Collisional loss-cone replenishment
4.4 Non-axisymmetric nuclei
5 Multiple Black Hole Systems
6 N-Body Studies of Binary Black Hole Evolution
7 Evidence for Cusp Destruction
8 Interaction of Binary Black Holes with Gas
8.1 Interaction with hot gas
8.2 Interaction with cold gas
9 Spin Evolution during Mergers
10 Summary
11 Acknowledgements
Open References References