List of Figures

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Movie Sketch of the AdS5 (bulk cylinder with boundary R × S3) space-time and the S5 (sphere) space.
View Image Figure 2:
Movie The folded string extending from y = -y0 to y = y0, where sin2 y0 := q.
View Image Figure 3:
Movie The one-loop energies of the folded (dark) and circular (light) string solutions plotted against the filling fraction J2/J. The dashed curve is the mirrored folded string solution where one interchanges J1 <--> J2.
View Image Figure 4:
Movie The action of the dilatation operator on a trace operator.
View Image Figure 5:
Movie Bethe root distribution for the gauge dual of the folded string. For large L the roots condense into two cuts in the complex plane.