List of Tables

Table 1:
Some acronyms and notation used in this paper.
Table 2:
Noise sources and contributions (expressed as Allan deviation [23] at 1000 s integration) in Cassini-era precision Doppler tracking GW observations. This table is adapted from [1, 22]. SEP: sun-earth-probe (solar elongation) angle; SNR: signal-to-noise ratio of the downlink. Models of the spectra of the individual noises are given in [111].
Table 3:
Spacecraft Doppler gravitational-wave observations. MO: Mars Observer; GLL: Galileo; ULS: Ulysses; MGS: Mars Global Surveyor; AMC: Advanced Media Calibration system (tropospheric calibration). A “pass” is a tracking pass over a given DSN antenna, i.e., about 8 hours long.
Table 4:
Required improvement in subsystems to improve overall Doppler sensitivity by a factor of 10 relative to Cassini-era performance.