Living Reviews in Relativity

"The Confrontation between General Relativity
and Experiment"
Clifford M. Will  

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1 Introduction
2 Tests of the Foundations of Gravitation Theory
2.1 The Einstein equivalence principle
2.2 Theoretical frameworks for analyzing EEP
2.3 EEP, particle physics, and the search for new interactions
3 Tests of Post-Newtonian Gravity
3.1 Metric theories of gravity and the strong equivalence principle
3.2 The parametrized post-Newtonian formalism
3.3 Competing theories of gravity
3.4 Tests of the parameter γ
3.5 The perihelion shift of Mercury
3.6 Tests of the strong equivalence principle
3.7 Other tests of post-Newtonian gravity
3.8 Prospects for improved PPN parameter values
4 Strong Gravity and Gravitational Waves: A New Testing Ground
4.1 Strong-field systems in general relativity
4.2 Motion and gravitational radiation in general relativity
4.3 Einstein’s equations in “relaxed” form
4.4 Equations of motion and gravitational waveform
4.5 Gravitational wave detection
5 Stellar System Tests of Gravitational Theory
5.1 The binary pulsar and general relativity
5.2 A zoo of binary pulsars
5.3 Binary pulsars and alternative theories
5.4 Binary pulsars and scalar-tensor gravity
6 Gravitational Wave Tests of Gravitational Theory
6.1 Gravitational wave observatories
6.2 Polarization of gravitational waves
6.3 Gravitational radiation back-reaction
6.4 Speed of gravitational waves
6.5 Strong-gravity tests
7 Conclusions
8 Acknowledgments
Open References References