14 Acknowledgments

The authors acknowledge the referee for careful reading of the manuscript and useful comments. The authors would like to thank L.P. Grishchuk, V.M. Lipunov, M.E. Prokhorov, A.G. Kuranov, A. Tutukov, M. Livio, G. Dubus, J.-P. Lasota, E.P.J. van den Heuvel, and R. Napiwotzki for numerous useful discussions and joint research in the evolution of binary stars. Writing of this review would have been impossible without the long-term research cooperation with G. Nelemans. We acknowledge him also for useful discussions, help in collecting information, and updating figures. Useful discussions with participants of the First Nijmegen Workshop on AM CVn-stars (July 2005) are acknowledged. We thank P. Groot for providing information on the “OmegaWhite”-project. An intensive use of the Smithsonian/NASA ADS Astronomy Abstract Service and arXiv is acknowledged. The work is partially supported by the RFBR grants 06-02-16025, 04-02-16720 and by Russian Academy of Sciences Basic Research Program “Origin and Evolution of Stars and Galaxies”.

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