Living Reviews in Relativity

"The Evolution of Compact Binary Star Systems"
Konstantin A. Postnov and Lev R. Yungelson  

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1 Introduction
2 Observations of Double Neutron Stars
3 Basic Principles of Binary Star Evolution
4 Evolutionary Scenario for Compact Binaries with Neutron Star or Black Hole Components
5 Formation of Double Compact Binaries
6 Detection Rates
7 Formation of Short-Period Binaries with a White-Dwarf Components
8 Observations
9 Evolution of Interacting Double-Degenerate Systems
10 Gravitational Waves from Compact Binaries with White-Dwarf Components
11 AM CVn-Type Stars as Sources of Optical and X-ray Emission
12 AM CVn-Type Stars Detectable in GWR and Electromagnetic Spectrum
13 Conclusions
14 Acknowledgments
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