List of Figures

View Image Figure 1:
Body zone coordinates and near zone coordinates. In the near zone coordinates (τ,xi), both the body zone and the star shrink as ε (thin dotted arrow) and ε2 (thick dotted arrow) respectively. Both the thin and thick arrows point inside. In the body zone coordinates (τ,αi-) A, the star does not shrink while the body zone boundary goes to infinity as −1 ε (thin dotted line pointing outside).
View Image Figure 2:
Gravitational energy momentum flux through the body zone boundary. The meshed two circles represent stars 1 and 2. Each star is surrounded by the body zone represented here by a striped area. The arrows around star 1 represent the gravitational energy momentum flux flowing through the body zone boundary.
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The vectors used in the surface integral over the boundary of the body zone 1.
View Image Figure 4:
Flowchart of the post-Newtonian iteration.