Living Reviews in Relativity

"The Hubble Constant"
Neal Jackson  

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1 Introduction
1.1 A brief history
1.2 A little cosmology
2 Local Methods and Cepheid Variables
2.1 Preliminary remarks
2.2 Basic principle
2.3 Problems and comments
2.4 Independent local distance-scale methods
2.5 H0: 62 or 73?
3 The CMB and Cosmological Estimates of the Distance Scale
3.1 The physics of the anisotropy spectrum and its implications
3.2 Degeneracies and implications for H0
4 One-Step Distance Methods
4.1 Gravitational lenses
4.2 The Sunyaev–Zel’dovich effect
4.3 Gravitational waves
5 Conclusion
6 Acknowledgements
A A Highly Subjective Summary of the Gravitational Lens Time Delays to Date and the Derived Values of the Hubble Constant
Open References References