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The spectrum of cosmic rays [96]
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First versions of Wilson’s cloud chamber, around 1895 [224]
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Rockoon with Deacon rocket [47]
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Charmed baryon and neutrino-proton collision in bubble chamber [32]
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Draft of the cyclotron in the patent specification from 1932 [135]
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Picture of the moon taken using x-rays: The light side on the right is a reflection of the sun’s x-rays; the overall x-ray background signal is also detectable[188].
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Centaurus A: Radio emission; Radio and Infrared; Radio, Infrared, X-ray and Visible Light; Visible Light [160567]
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Black hole with accretion disc and jets (quasar) [219]
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Movie The Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way [76]
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False color image of 3C58; close-up of pulsar at center [201]
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Along the charged track light is emitted isotropically (circles). Particles moving faster than light are emitting Cherenkov radiation (a). Particles below this threshold do not support coherent emission (b). [22]
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ASPERA Schedule for infrastructure and communication network up to 2009  [11]