Quasi-Local Energy-Momentum and Angular Momentum in General Relativity

László B. Szabados 
Wigner Research Centre for Physics
of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
P.O. Box 49
H-1525 Budapest 114

'External link'http://www.rmki.kfki.hu/~lbszab/
This article has been revised on 7 December 2012 (see changes in detail).


The present status of the quasi-local mass, energy-momentum and angular-momentum constructions in general relativity is reviewed. First, the general ideas, concepts, and strategies, as well as the necessary tools to construct and analyze the quasi-local quantities, are recalled. Then, the various specific constructions and their properties (both successes and deficiencies are discussed. Finally, some of the (actual and potential) applications of the quasi-local concepts and specific constructions are briefly mentioned.

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