Living Reviews in Relativity

"On Special Optical Modes and Thermal Issues in Advanced Gravitational Wave Interferometric Detectors"
Jean-Yves Vinet  

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1 Introduction
2 Modes of Fabry–Pérot Cavities and Readout Beams
2.1 Laguerre–Gauss beams
2.2 Mesa and flat beams
2.3 Other exotic modes
3 Heating and Thermal Effects in the Steady State
3.1 Steady temperature field
3.2 Steady thermal lensing
3.3 Thermal distortions in the steady state
3.4 Expansion on Zernike polynomials
4 On Thermal Compensation Systems
4.1 Heating the rear face of a mirror
4.2 Simple model of a radiator
4.3 Axicon systems
4.4 CO2 laser compensation by scanning
5 Heating in the Quasistatic Regime: Heating from Cold
5.1 Transient temperature field
5.2 Transient thermal distortions
6 Heating and Thermal Effects in the Dynamic Regime: Transfer Functions
6.1 Temperature fields and thermal lensing
6.2 Equivalent displacement noise
7 Dynamic Surface Distortion
7.1 Dynamic surface distortion caused by coating absorption
8 Brownian Thermal Noise
8.1 The Fluctuation-Dissipation theorem and Levin’s generalized coordinate method
8.2 Infinite mirrors noise in the substrate
8.3 Infinite mirrors, noise in coating
8.4 Finite mirrors
8.5 Coating Brownian thermal noise: finite mirrors
9 Thermoelastic Noise
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Case of infinite mirrors
9.3 Case of finite mirrors
10 Generation of High Order Modes
11 Conclusion
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