12 Expanding Direction, Polarized Gowdy

Since there is only an expanding direction in the case when spatial topology is T3, the current section is restricted to considerations of that case. For our purposes, it would be sufficient to describe the results in the general case, since that would yield all the information needed concerning the polarized case as well. However, for historical reasons, and since results have been obtained in the polarized case that are as yet unavailable in the general case, we shall describe both.

Even though it is of no immediate relevance to the question of strong cosmic censorship, let us note that there is a general picture concerning the future asymptotic behavior of vacuum solutions to Einstein’s equations; see [133] and references cited therein. In particular, a strong connection between the future asymptotics and spatial topology is conjectured to exist. In [80] it was confirmed that vacuum T3-Gowdy fits into the general picture.

 12.1 Asymptotic behavior
 12.2 Comparison with spatially homogeneous solutions

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