3.2 Areal foliation

In the case of T3-Gowdy spacetimes, there is another natural foliation; considering Equation (2View Equation), it is clear that the area of the symmetry orbits are proportional to the time coordinate t. Consequently, such a time coordinate is referred to as an areal time coordinate. It is natural to ask if the areal time coordinate exhausts the interval (0,∞ ). That the answer is yes in the case of vacuum T3-Gowdy was demonstrated by Moncrief [58Jump To The Next Citation Point]. Furthermore, he verified that the foliation covers the entire MGHD. However, since the starting point of the argument in [58] is a constant-t hypersurface, it is of interest to note that the results of [16] yield the same conclusions starting with a general Cauchy hypersurface.
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