7.2 Associated Velocity Term Dominated system

Proceeding along the lines of [50Jump To The Next Citation Point], let us define the associated VTD system given by
PVD,ττ = 0, (32 ) λVD,τ = P 2 , (33 ) VD,τ λVD,𝜃 = 2PVD,𝜃PVD, τ; (34 )
see [50Jump To The Next Citation Point, (13a) – (13d), p. 92]. Clearly, this system can be integrated explicitly. In particular,
PVD (τ,𝜃) = vVD (𝜃)τ + ϕVD (𝜃)

for some smooth functions vVD(𝜃) and ϕVD. Given this information, λVD can then be calculated.

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