10 Extension to Brans–Dicke Theory

So far we have discussed f (R) gravity theories in the metric and Palatini formalisms. In this section we will see that these theories are equivalent to Brans–Dicke (BD) theory [100Jump To The Next Citation Point] in the presence of a scalar-field potential, by comparing field equations in f (R) theories with those in BD theory. It is possible to construct viable dark energy models based on BD theory with a constant parameter ωBD. We will discuss cosmological dynamics, local gravity constraints, and observational signatures of such generalized theory.

 10.1 Brans–Dicke theory and the equivalence with f (R) theories
 10.2 Cosmological dynamics of dark energy models based on Brans–Dicke theory
 10.3 Local gravity constraints
 10.4 Evolution of matter density perturbations

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