13 Other Aspects of f (R) Theories and Modified Gravity

In this section we discuss a number of topics related with f (R) theories and modified gravity. These include weak lensing, thermodynamics and horizon entropy, unified models of inflation and dark energy, f (R) theories in the extra dimensions, Vainshtein mechanism, DGP model, Noether and Galileon symmetries.

 13.1 Weak lensing
 13.2 Thermodynamics and horizon entropy
 13.3 Curing the curvature singularity in f (R) dark energy models, unified models of inflation and dark energy
 13.4 f (R) theories in extra dimensions
 13.5 Vainshtein mechanism
 13.6 DGP model
 13.7 Special symmetries
  13.7.1 Noether symmetry on FLRW
  13.7.2 Galileon symmetry

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