Change Log

Major update published on 14 September 2010

Global description:

Inserted subsections on numerical solutions in Sections 6 and 7 and five figures. Added new Subsection 2.2 on the Randall–Sundrum model in string theory. Added new Section 9 on Dvali–Gabadadze–Porrati models and nine figures. Added new Section 10 on 6-dimensional models and one figure. Added about 100 new references.

Changes in detail:

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Update Extended a paragraph moved here from the end of Section 1.2.
Update Added Subsection 2.2 “RS model in string theory”.
Update Added two paragraphs discussing the neglection of backreaction due to metric perturbations in the bulk.
Update Added Subsection 6.5 “Full numerical solutions”.
Update Removed former Figure 11: Damping of brane-world gravity waves on horizon re-entry due to massive mode generation.
Update Added Subsection 7.2 “Full numerical solutions”.
Update Added Section 9 “DGP Models”.
Update Added Section 10 “6-Dimensional Models”.

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