Living Reviews in Relativity

"Quantization of Midisuperspace Models"
J. Fernando Barbero G. and Eduardo J. S. Villaseñor  

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1 Introduction
2 A Minihistory of Midisuperspaces
2.1 Symmetry reductions in classical and quantum general relativity
2.2 Superspace
2.3 Minisuperspaces
2.4 Midisuperspaces
3 Quantization(s)
3.1 Reduced phase-space quantization
3.2 Dirac quantization
3.3 Quantization with partial gauge fixing
3.4 Path integral quantization
3.5 Symmetry reductions and quantization
4 Midisuperspaces: Classical Aspects
4.1 One-Killing vector reductions
4.2 Two-Killing vector reductions
4.3 Spherical symmetry
5 Midisuperspaces: Quantization
5.1 Quantization of one-Killing vector reductions
5.2 Quantization of two-Killing vector reductions
5.3 Spherically-symmetric midisuperspace
6 Conclusions, Open Issues and Future Problems
7 Acknowledgements
Open References References