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Top: Summary of the systems that have been used to probe the constancy of the fundamental constants and their position in a space-time diagram in which the cone represents our past light cone. The shaded areas represents the comoving space probed by different tests. Bottom: The look-back time-redshift relation for the standard ΛCDM model.
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Evolution of the comparison of different atomic clocks summarized in Table 7.
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Summary of the values of some coefficients entering the parameterization (70View Equation) and necessary to interpret the QSO absorption spectra data. From [367]
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Summary of the direct constraints on αEM obtained from the AD (blue), MM (red) and AD (green) methods (left) and on μ (right) that are summarized in Table 10.
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Left: Level scheme of nuclei participating to the 4He(α α,γ)12C reaction. Right: Central abundances at the end of the CHe burning as a function of δNN for a 60M ⊙ star with Z = 0. From [103].
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(Left): variation of the light element abundances in function of η compared to the spectroscopic abundances. The vertical line depicts the constraint obtained on η from the study of the cosmic microwave background data. The lithium-7 problem lies in the fact that ηspectro < ηWMAP. From [107]. (right): Dependence of the light element abundance on the independent variation of the BBN parameters, assuming η = ηWMAP. From [105]