2 The Simplest Example of an Analogue Spacetime

Acoustics in a moving fluid is the simplest and cleanest example of an analogue model [607Jump To The Next Citation Point, 622Jump To The Next Citation Point, 626Jump To The Next Citation Point, 624Jump To The Next Citation Point]. The basic physics is simple, the conceptual framework is simple, and specific computations are often simple (whenever, that is, they are not impossibly hard).1

 2.1 Background
 2.2 Geometrical acoustics
 2.3 Physical acoustics
 2.4 General features of the acoustic metric
  2.4.1 Horizons and ergo-regions
  2.4.2 Surface gravity
  2.4.3 Example: vortex geometry
  2.4.4 Example: slab geometry
  2.4.5 Example: Painlevé–Gullstrand geometry
  2.4.6 Causal structure
 2.5 Cosmological metrics
  2.5.1 Explosion
  2.5.2 Varying the effective speed of light
 2.6 Regaining geometric acoustics
 2.7 Generalizing the physical model
  2.7.1 External forces
  2.7.2 The role of dimension
  2.7.3 Adding vorticity
 2.8 Simple Lagrangian meta-model
 2.9 Going further

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