4 A Catalogue of Models

In this section, we will attempt to categorise the very many analogue models researchers have investigated. Perhaps the most basic subdivision is into classical models and quantum models, but even then many other levels of refinement are possible. Consider for instance the following list:

We will now provide a few words on each of these topics.

 4.1 Classical models
  4.1.1 Classical sound
  4.1.2 Sound in relativistic hydrodynamics
  4.1.3 Shallow water waves (gravity waves)
  4.1.4 More general water waves
  4.1.5 Classical refractive index
  4.1.6 Normal mode meta-models
 4.2 Quantum models
  4.2.1 Bose–Einstein condensates
  4.2.2 The heliocentric universe
  4.2.3 Slow light in fluids
  4.2.4 Slow light in fibre optics
  4.2.5 Lattice models
  4.2.6 Graphene
 4.3 Going further

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