6 Experimental efforts

In recent years several efforts towards the detection of analogue Hawking radiation have been carried out with different physical systems. Here we report a brief list of the ongoing efforts. There is already definite evidence for mode conversion and negative-norm modes (group velocity opposite to phase velocity) [532Jump To The Next Citation Point], and more recently for stimulated Hawking emission [682Jump To The Next Citation Point]. There are very recent claims of photon detection from a phase velocity horizon in an optical fibre [66Jump To The Next Citation Point], and for white-hole–like behaviour in hydraulic jumps [334Jump To The Next Citation Point]. It seems that reliable and reproducible experimental probes of spontaneous quantum Hawking radiation might be just a few years in the future.

 6.1 Wave tank experiments
 6.2 Bose–Einstein condensate experiments
 6.3 Differentially-rotating flows in superfluid helium
 6.4 Fibre-optic models
 6.5 Going further

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