7 Towards a Theory of Quantum Gravity?

The key question one should ask at this stage is this: “Where can we go from here?” Apart from continuing with the analysis of the issues described in the previous two sections, it is natural to explore whether the analogue gravity programme could be extended to the point of yielding a theory of “Quantum Gravity”. In particular, the following topics come to mind as steps on a path towards a possible theory of Quantum Gravity:

Some work has already been done dealing with these topics in the context of analogue gravity. Let us now expand on these issues a little.

 7.1 Backreaction
 7.2 Equivalence principle
 7.3 Nontrivial dispersion as Einstein-aether theory
 7.4 Diffeomorphism invariance
 7.5 Effective spin-two particles
 7.6 Weinberg–Witten theorem
 7.7 Emergent gravity
 7.8 One specific route to the Einstein equations?
 7.9 The cosmological constant problem
 7.10 Other pieces of the puzzle
 7.11 Quantum gravity – phenomenology
 7.12 Quantum gravity – fundamental models
 7.13 Going further

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