9 Acknowledgements

The work of Matt Visser was supported by the Marsden fund administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand. MV also wishes to thank both SISSA (Trieste) and the IAA–CSIC (Granada) for hospitality during various stages of this work. Carlos Barceló has been supported by the Spanish MICINN through the project FIS2008-06078-C03-01, and by the Junta de Andalucía through the projects FQM2288 and FQM219.

The authors also wish to specifically thank Enrique Arilla for providing Figures 1View Image and 2View Image, and Silke Weinfurtner for providing Figure 6View Image of the artwork. Additionally, the authors wish to thank Renaud Parentani for helpful comments, specifically with respect to the question of which notion of surface gravity is the most important for Hawking radiation. Finally, the authors also wish to thank Germain Rousseaux for bringing several historically-important references to our attention.

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